Mother’s Day Pink Hoodie Giveaway!

(Editor’s note: Almost ten days have passed since Mother’s Day, and this is super bad because I forgot to write the article in time! But whatever 🤷 Anyways…)

Just a few days ago was Mother’s Day, time to celebrate the best and certainly most important women in the world: moms! They gave us lots of love, helped us when we were sad… And above all, they made us possible! They’re definitely amazing! And what’s also amazing is the Mother’s Day celebration that the Box Critters community gave, with the release of a new item: the Pink Hoodie! And its code is: /ThanksMom!

The Pink Hoodie, given away in celebration of Mother's Day
Pink like the love between mother and child! <3

Cool, right? I betcha lots of (but not only) moms will wear this cute hoodie in Box Critters! This hoodie also fits perfectly with the Pink Toque, so I suggest you use this combination to be even cuter! And I think that there will be Father’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. giveaways after this one!

But this item is What do you think? Do you find this hoodie cute? Tell us in the comments below! See you in the next blog post! Bye bye!!! 😉

(Edit: Fixed the code since it wasn’t correct. So sorry for all of that!)

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The Bridge

Today on 5/16/19 we said farewell to the hamster tavern. The new room is called the bridge. To get to the bridge you use /join bridge .

For any reason you would like to join the tavern you must use code /join tavern

This is the first part of experiment 3 and the next part will be beaver and possibly a few more items.

What do you think of the bridge? Please tell us in the comments below.
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Duck floatie

Today on 5/9/19 a new item was released. This item known as the duck floatie was released by DuckHunter44. The code to this item is /Duckhunter.

What do you think of the duck floatie? Please tell us in the comments below.
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The Moonwalk isn’t Gone!

Hello everyone! Recently Rocketsnail improved the movement system on Box Critters, and now there is no movement delay and you can move freely!
However, with these new changes, there was the removal of one thing: the ability to moonwalk. What a shame, isn’t it?

But actually, it’s not gone! You can still do the moonwalk!

Hamster in Box Critters performing a moonwalk
You can still do it!

But how do you do it, then?

Well, you actually do it the same way as previously: if you want to moonwalk to the right, click on a spot, preferably on the far right, then immediately click a bit left of that spot, and you’re moonwalking! And if you want to do it to the left, execute the same steps, but swapping the directions!

The only problem is, it’s just a lot harder to execute: you need to do the second click much faster! And then, because people couldn’t do the moonwalk (because it was so difficult), they thought Rocketsnail had fixed it!

So, what do you think about this? Are you still able to execute it? Is it too difficult? Please comment down below! Bye bye! 🙂

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The Official Box Critters Discord!

Official Box Critters Discord owned by Box Critters Live
Official Box Critters Discord

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Hamster Pirate Outfit | Concept Art

A year ago, Rocketsnail had the idea to make a design for what the ‘Hamster Pirates’ were going to look like. He said ‘ Over a year ago I had a crazy idea for a game with hamster pirates. I loved these characters and decided to use them for Box Critters.

This is what critters could’ve looked like, if you would like to see the tweet that Rocketsnail sent, click here.

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Concept artwork for hamster pirates!

Hey critters! RocketSnail showed us on his twitter some concept artwork on how hamster pirates might look like!

Here’s the picture:

This early concept artwork looks amazing! Ahoy, critters!
What do you think? Post a comment down below and let us know! Bye critters!

Beaver Critter Showcased | Experiment 3

The Beaver Critter has been confirmed to be in Experiment 3, Rocketsnail tweeted this: ‘Great news! We are almost ready to start testing more critters, another room and more items.

This means that in experiment 3 there’ll be more than one critter, a new room and even more items. There is only one question left, when will experiment 3 start? The answer for this is in May. Click here for proof.

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Portuguese coming to Box Critters!

Hey critters! On April 29th, RocketSnail replied to another critter answering his question about the Portuguese language being available. His response was: YES! When the game launches, RocketSnail will add an option to change the game language, in this case, Portuguese is confirmed.

Here is the tweet:

Awesome! All of our Portuguese critters will enjoy this feature 😉
What do you think? Leave a comment down below and let us know! Bye critters!

The Ninja Sock Monkeys concept

Hey critters! RocketSnail posted a tweet saying that there could be “Ninja Sock Monkeys” on Box Critters. This concept for a character sounds really cool and it is possible that it will either be an in-game occurrence or a playable critter.

These are the concepts RocketSnail was talking about:

All of these “ninja sock monkeys” have different fighting stances, the first picture being sort of a stealthy stance, the second being a range stance, and the third a melee stance. Very interesting. Also, forgot to mention, they look amazing.

Overall, I think a “ninja sock monkey” would be an awesome idea for a character in-game. What do you guys think? Post a comment below! I’ll see you next time. Bye!