Critter Frenzy | 280+ Critters Online| New Item?!

Wow, what a milestone! During YouTuber Drivr3joe’s Box Critters/Birthday Livestream, the game has been growing massively into a gigantic hamster pool. Each and every critter was dressed individually, showing off recent items which have been released, and giving out birthday wishes to Drivr3joe. But not only was it about him that people were really excited for, a new item code has been given away today as well! The Box Critters Live YouTube Channel has reached plenty of subscribers, and most of all the hype was real! Fellow Hamsters were eagerly waiting for the item code to be shown in the livestream, and as soon as it has been published, hamsters started to wear those fancy new headphones! Whoops! Did I say headphones? Yikes! Well, if you are willing to get the fancy new item, just use the code “/discordcritters2k19” in-game! From there on you’ll be able to wear the item and maybe listen to some cool music just like a lot of other Critters are doing. It definitely was a blast! The Box Critters Community has definitely reached a milestone, and this will be one of many great adventures and memories we’ll have together! We want to thank you for being a part of this! Further updates and news will be posted here! Stay tuned everyone!

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