Still an Experiment – Astoundingly Active!

Celebrate Experiment 2!

With Experiment 2 hitting this week, it seems like we’ve already come so far into Box Critters development, we may be hesitant to forget that even though Box Critters is already bustling with hundreds of active players, bloggers, supporters, and HUGE discord communities (like ours) , you would think the game has been established for quite some time!

However my friends, let’s all remember that the game is still in the early stages of development and yet there’s so many amazing people already here. Whether you come just to play the game, contribute fan art, or cheer on Rocketsnail every step of the way, it’s been YOU, the fans who are keeping the momentum of Box Critters alive!

Let’s take a moment to reflect on Rocketsnail’s other experimental phase game; the one that lead to everyone’s favorite – Club Penguin! Before Club Penguin, there was Experimental Penguins, which eventually lead into Penguin Chat 3!

Back in 2000, there were not too many games around on the PC for the whole family to enjoy. Almost 20 years ago, Rocketsnail had a vision to make a fun and safe environment for everyone (especially kids!) to have a space to chat and have fun. At this time, it was a lot harder to find out about these games. There was no Twitter, no Facebook, no Discord!

The photo above is an image of one of the earliest experiments for Club Penguin. A simple room with a trio of penguins playing a fun tune. If you look around for early photos of the game, you won’t see too many people who knew about Rocketsnail’s little plan that would eventually have turned into one of the most popular online MMOs to this day.

Now, take a look at this! On any average day, you will see a large handful of fans excitedly getting to know each other and enjoying the game – even in this early stage! It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since the year 2000, hasn’t it!

If you’ve been out of the loop, Experiement 2 brings us a large selection of items for you to unlock. For right now, you can get every item with “secret codes.” Currently there are 11 collectible items in game.

Here’s a list of ALMOST all of the codes 😉 To unlock these, simply type the command listed below for each item on the in-game chat. [SPOILER]

Item of the week : /FreeItem
Propeller Hat : /andybulletin
Viking Helmet : /rocketsnail
Pink Toque : /cute
Paper Hat : /boxcritterswiki
White 3D Glasses : /boxcritters3d
Tossel Cap : /goodnight
OOMM Space Suit : /OOMMgames
White Toque : /madeincanada
Party Hat : /thekeeper

New Item /lookin for a letter 😉 ? “H”

There’s just about every item so far! If you would like to unlock the Discord Community Exclusive headphones, join our discord! (Discord.gg/Critters)
We’d love for you to join the server! Here you can meet other community members, participate in weekly community day, submit fanart, and get the latest updates on Box Critters Features! There’s so much to do on the server ; what are you waiting for!

So, What do you think about Box Critter’s Progress so far? When did you first join Club Penguin? Do you hope to see some of your favorite features from Club Penguin make it into Box Critters?

Leave us down a comment below and share your thoughts with us! Active commenters receive a special discord role just for being an active community member.

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