Mother’s Day Pink Hoodie Giveaway!

(Editor’s note: Almost ten days have passed since Mother’s Day, and this is super bad because I forgot to write the article in time! But whatever 🤷 Anyways…)

Just a few days ago was Mother’s Day, time to celebrate the best and certainly most important women in the world: moms! They gave us lots of love, helped us when we were sad… And above all, they made us possible! They’re definitely amazing! And what’s also amazing is the Mother’s Day celebration that the Box Critters community gave, with the release of a new item: the Pink Hoodie! And its code is: /ThanksMom!

The Pink Hoodie, given away in celebration of Mother's Day
Pink like the love between mother and child! <3

Cool, right? I betcha lots of (but not only) moms will wear this cute hoodie in Box Critters! This hoodie also fits perfectly with the Pink Toque, so I suggest you use this combination to be even cuter! And I think that there will be Father’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. giveaways after this one!

What do you think? Do you find this hoodie cute? Tell us in the comments below! See you in the next blog post! Bye bye!!! 😉

(Edit: Fixed the code since it wasn’t correct. So sorry for all of that!)

(Edit 2: Fixed the “But the” in the last paragraph. Sorry for the post being a bit bad. I’m making better posts next time.)

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