Black Hoodie Here, and Black Ball Cap Gone!

If you’re like me, who absolutely NEEDS every single item in Box Critters, you will be very angry if you don’t have the Black Ball Cap. That’s because the item is no longer collectible, and players who didn’t have it won’t get it anytime soon. (Good thing that I got it! 😉)

However, in place of this item, is a new hoodie: the Black Hoodie, with its code being the same as the now unavailable ballcap: /darkmode!

Black Hoodie
The Black Hoodie, perfect for the cool dudes 😎

Cool, right? I really like the hoodie’s color, and so I’ll definitely use it! What about you? Do you like this dark-colored hoodie? Tell us in the comments below!

One more thing I’d like to tell you is that the Pink Hoodie (from Mother’s Day) and the Monk Robe (from May 4th) are no longer obtainable starting this Friday, so if you didn’t get these items, sorry: you can’t get them anymore! Also, the Purple Toque is going away tomorrow, so you better get it while you can (the code for it is /freeitem!) Bye bye! 🙂

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  1. The last friday not this friday

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